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We’re securing new stock of Wests helmets from Masuri for 2020-21 season.

These helmets are fully compliant with current British Standards and meet the requirements of Queensland Cricket for Premier Cricket players and MSW for junior cricket players. (Read about the helmet regulations for cricket players here.)

Pre-Orders for 2020-21 season

Pre-orders for helmets are open!

  • Pre-orders close at 6pm on Thursday June 11, 2020.
  • Delivery: Orders are expected to be delivered in mid-August 2020.
  • Payment: Full payment will be required before collection. A deposit is not required.
  • Order yours by emailing Wendy Varidel at
  • Order details required: Your name and the helmet model, size and grille type.


Wests Masuri helmets are available in the following models:

  • Original Series – E Line, T Line, C Line Plus
  • Vision Series – Test and Elite

Features of each helmet model can be found on the Masuri website.


CategorySizeHead Circumference


E Line Titanium$ 250.00
T Line Titanium$ 215.00
E Line Steel$ 175.00
T Line Steel$ 135.00
C Line Plus Steel$ 95.00
VS Elite Titanium$ 305.00
VS Test Titanium$ 280.00
VS Elite Steel$ 200.00
VS Test Steel$ 175.00
T Line Steel JUNIOR$ 95.00
T Line Plus Steel JUNIOR$ 80.00