Life Members

Western Suburbs District Cricket Club has been fortunate to be served by many people who have given freely of their time, energy and passion for the game and for our club. Some have gone well beyond the normal call of duty, and these people have been honoured by the club with Life Membership for their much appreciated service.

Life Membership of the Western Suburbs District Cricket Club has been awarded to the following people:

Life Member SinceName
Roger Joseph Hartigan
George William Ward
Thomas Edward Williams
Charles William Cecil Arthy
Jul 1942Francis Malcolm Brew
Jul 1947Thomas McKenzie Keir
27 Jul 1950Charles Percival Christ
31 Jul 1952George Draney
Jul 1953Bert Henry Shaw
29 Jul 1954Alfred Clifford Arthy
28 Jul 1955Leonard Smelt
1956George F Stafford
25 Jul 1957William James Nowlan
30 Jul 1959Cyril John Henry Kricker
30 Jul 1964F L Smith
28 Jul 1966Robert Llewellyn Franklin
27 Jul 1967Alan Neville Donaldson
25 Jul 1968Owen Daniel Driscoll
23 Jul 1970Robert Spence
26 Jul 1972Samuel Christy Trimble
25 Jul 1973John Joseph McLaughlin
25 Jul 1974Glen Lochiel Cameron
23 Jul 1975Daniel Rowley
28 Jul 1977Mostyn Eales
Jul 1989Robert Glen Stirling
14 Jun 1995Maurice D Gray
Apr 1999Paul Mooney
15 Apr 2007Roger Prentice
20 Aug 2008Jack Draney
23 Aug 2012Katherine Raymont
6 Apr 2018Gregory John Rowell
12 Apr 2019Dirk & Denise Tazelaar
16 Apr 2021Steve LeFlay
21 April 2023Jon Dooley