Junior Stage Co-ordinators

Wests’ Season 2023-24 Stage Co-ordinators for junior cricket are as follows:

StageIndicative AgesCo-ordinatorPhoneEmail
Junior Blaster & Super Sixers6-9 yrsTBC
Stage 18-10 yrsLowri Doblejuniors@westsdcc.cricket
Stage 210-12 yrsLowri Doblejuniors@westsdcc.cricket
Stage 312+ yrsChris Hockeyjuniors@westsdcc.cricket
Girls CricketAll agesGerry Totten0416765615gerry@totten.id.au

If you have any questions about where you fit into our junior cricket programs, please contact these people in the first instance! Once you’re in the system, your team coach and/or manager will become your primary points of contact.