Junior Stage Co-ordinators

Wests’ Season 2023-24 Stage Co-ordinators for junior cricket are as follows:

StageIndicative AgesCo-ordinatorPhoneEmail
Junior Blaster & Super Sixers6-9 yrsJon Allcockjallc5@eq.edu.au
Stage 18-10 yrsLowri Doblejuniors@westsdcc.cricket
Stage 210-12 yrsLowri Doblejuniors@westsdcc.cricket
Stage 312+ yrsTBAjuniors@westsdcc.cricket
Girls CricketAll agesTBAadmin@westsdcc.cricket

If you have any questions about where you fit into our junior cricket programs, please contact these people in the first instance! Once you’re in the system, your team coach and/or manager will become your primary points of contact.