Modified Formats for Junior Cricket

All MSW junior cricket competitions are converting to the CA junior cricket formats. The MSW formats will be virtually identical to the standard CA formats with only a small number of minor variations.

Click on the link below to read about Cricket Australia’s junior cricket formats.

These formats have features which are scaled to match the smaller stature of young cricketers. This makes it easier for junior cricketers to acquire the skills of the game. For Stage 1 cricketers, the length of the games has been shortened to 20 overs, batters face a fixed number of balls and all bowlers bowl the same number of overs. These and other features make the game faster, simpler and more fun for young players.

Stage 3 cricket is very similar to traditional cricket, and Stage 2 is in the middle. The result is a flexible game format which is tailored to suit the skills and stature of the players.

Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket introduced these formats in 2017, and they were progressively introduced into MSW junior competitions since the 2017-18 season.

How will I be graded?

Player grading remains primarily based on player skills with age being the secondary consideration. This is a much better way to organise players that the previous age-focused system in which age was the primary consideration in grading and skill level a secondary issue!

Player age is still an important consideration as to what competition they play in, however skill is the primary criterion.