WSDCC Blaster programs on a Friday night are in full swing and all the kids are having fun, scoring runs, taking catches and learning how to field, bowl and bat. It is great to see so many of our youngest members enjoying their cricket.

On Friday night, November 15, it was a little different when we had a very special guest join us at the club for some of the activities. Heater was there to join in with the kids, they all got there early to test out their climbing skills before their games began and Heater was on hand to show them how to climb the slide and have some fun.

I suspect Heater might have played cricket before as he looked quite comfortable out on the oval at Graceville, showing off his skills with the kids and having his photo taken. The kids enjoyed showing Heater their cricket skills they have learnt and everyone was enjoying the atmosphere out on the oval for another great night of cricket.

Thank you to Heater and Queensland Cricket for making the time to come out and make Friday night extra special.

Each and every week we have wonderful volunteers on the bbq and in the canteen and without you all we couldn’t run such a wonderful program, we appreciate you all and thank you for all your hard work each week. Also, an extra big thank you to our volunteers for this special night, Stephen and Darren in the canteen, Our new President, Greg Rowell who works so hard umpiring and coaching our future junior players, all our coaches out on the field working hard to keep the kids entertained while teaching them our great game and Trent Kelly, Nathanael Scott and our wonderful Club Secretary, Dan Maroske that night for all your help with the bbq and the “extra” activities on what was a very busy night for everyone.


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