Last week the Hawks Girls took on UQ Flame at Chelmer Park. The was won by UQ and they elected to bat.  

The westies went in all fired up and Erin Moran knocked over one of the opening batsmen in her first over. Erin and Eloise Schabe had a great spell and were then backed up by Sophie Martin and Jess Bryant who went for 31 off their 4 overs. By this point Uni were on around 43 off the first 8 overs and it wasn’t over yet. Naiya Varidel and Emma Lockwood took to their runups and collectively went for only 11 runs off their 4 overs. Then in came Sarah Kelso and Kinjal Dani restricting the opposition to 68, and Amy Carpenter finishing it off, taking Uni to 90 runs. 

The doggies batting innings took off with Naiya Varidel and Sophie Martin building the opening partnership before Sophie was dismissed in the 5th over. After her dismissal, Scarlett Varidel entered the field and accompanied Naiya shortly before her wicket was taken, where Emma Lockwood took her place. Eloise Schabe went in when Emma got a tough decision, out stumped and the final batsmen was Kinjal Dani who both brought the westies over the line. 

Key Individual Stats

  • Erin Moran 1/1 (2)
  • Sophie Martin 1/15 (2) & 10 (21)
  • Kinjal Dani 1/5 (2) & 18no (19)
  • Naiya Varidel 17 (16)
  • Eloise Schabe 14 (21)
  • Scarlett Varidel 10 (17)


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