New MSW Girls T20 competition set to ignite!


A fantastic new girls cricket competition is coming to town!

From 12 October 2018, Wests will be hosting a new girls U15 T20 competition at the Chelmer Sports Ground! Games will be played on turf under lights for a short season between October and November 2018. The comp has been endorsed by the Metropolitan South West junior cricket association and will include Wests and other clubs in the local region.

The draw will be scheduled to complement junior cricket, women’s cricket and rep cricket fixtures so our our girls who already participate in these other competitions will also be able to get involved in the new MSW T20 girls comp. It will also be a great lead-in for our girls for the Premier Girls Youth comp which begins in December 2018

Game nights will also feature Level 1 MSW cricket games for our younger girls. These Level 1 games will be played before the U15 T20 games.

Wests will run a dinner canteen each night of the competition so girls and their families will be able to have a meal and enjoy a great evening of cricket on the picturesque Chelmer Sports Ground.

So girls! If you’re interested playing in the new comp, please contact Mick Varidel at to register your interest and to be kept in the loop as details are finalised over the next couple of weeks.

Details of the new competition are being added to our Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge web page – get the latest info here!