The West Tav’s team had a solid win over a strong Sandgate team at Chelmer. Wests won the toss and elected to bat on a spin frendly pitch and despite a slow but solid start by the openers (Lachie Biggs and Hayden Evetts, 27 runs each), quick middle order wickets left the team 6 down with only a 100 on the board after about 30 overs. An excellent rear guard performance led by Sami Walsh with a quick fire 41 runs off 39 balls, enabled the lads to reach a competitive 172 total.

An awesome all round bowling display keep the pressure on the Sandgate boys right from the start. All the bowlers did their job and bowled consistent areas. Special mention must go to Toby Matthews who opened with his off spin and took 3 for 24 (10 overs) and helped apply pressure with a few early scaps. Sandgate was eventually bowled out for 137 in the 46th over, leaving Wests with a 35 run victory.

Wests face the Wide Bay team next week at Nambour and are hoping to build on last weeks momentum and hopefully some improvements to the delivery of team song!


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