The KFC T20 Max is a wrap for the Wests men and women.

T20 Max Women

With a bunch of our imported and current players out injured it was a hard road when up against those strong teams. It didn’t stop our very own Josie Dooley appealing from the side line on a close call when the women played Uni last Thursday evening. We are fortunate to have some talented bakers in that team providing chocolate slice, cookies and brownies to help the girls and coaches through the game. Lily Bass knocked 35 off 25 balls and Issy G 27 off 15. Sip and Varo took the only 2 wickets but it wasn’t enough. The ladies played well against Uni but couldn’t hold them back resulting in Uni taking the win in 17 overs.

Saturday morning saw the Wests girls take on Sandgate. It was tough going with a chase of 183 ahead of them. Sandgate blocked any kind of advance with Wests all out in the 17th over not breaking triple figures. It was one of those games.

Congratulations must go to the womens team for putting in everything they had during every game. The team is an exceptional one and we can’t wait to see what the season brings.

T20 Max Men

Round 2 had the Wests men playing the Sunshine Coast Saturday morning at Bill Albury Oval. Sunny Coast batted first making 147 after 5 of their top 6 were dismissed by some top bowling. Doggett 2 for 16 off 4 and Whitney 2 for 35 off 4. Wests responded by Davies heading out to hit 49 off 39 balls including 4×4’s and 2×6’s! Tooley added to this with 25 off 18 and another 32 from 34 from Campbell. Wests came out winners in the 19th over 4 for 149. Another win chalked up.

Saturday afternoon and another close game, this time against Sandgate-Redcliffe. After Wests bowled first, Sandgate-Redcliffe had an impressive 3 for 242 on the board. Wests now out to bat: T Kelly making 95 off 36 including 6 fours and NINE SIXES! Adding to the total Campbell 25 off 25, Dooley 26 off 17 and Edwards 38 off 18 not out. Wests managed a magnificent chase but couldn’t quite cut the mustard falling short by only 15 runs. So Close!

Off to Bill Pippen Oval on Sunday morning the boys were ready to take on Gold Coast. GC batted first with Sabburg taking 5 wickets for 26 runs off 4 overs. Not too shabby at all! Whitney and Penn added a wicket each leaving Gold Coast 7 for 152. Following a good hit by Campbell 53 off 48, Davies 18 off 15, Sabburg 21 from 21 and Edwards again not out 15 off 8 the lads fell short by a tiny 17 runs. So close but no cigar.

The Wests men can hold their heads high as they played very well in a tough competition. Many things will be taken from the last few weeks so watch this space as we head into the season!