Kirby Short Cup – Hawks Bye

No game this week!

Harris Shield – Harriers vs Souths Fire

by Scarlett Varidel

On Friday, the Wests stage 2 Harriers continued the fight for the Harris shield against the Souths Fire. We had a top scorer in the Batting innings: Tanvi Aiyar with 43 off 34, and a leading wicket taker, Holly Walker with 3 for 27 off 3.

We fought to the end, defending a total of 107, but not taking home the win this week.

We had interesting conversations including the ongoing rave of Wendy’s burgers at the canteen and strategies for the fielding innings. The Harriers will fight hard this week and Aim high! Good luck on Friday girls!

Harris Shield – Ospreys vs UQ Blaze

by Sophie Martin

Last Friday the 4th of November, Wests Ospreys took on the UQ Blaze in an amazing game at Dunlop Park. The girls bowled and batted brilliantly scoring 120 runs in their batting innings and bowling UQ out for 43 after 17.1 overs!

Highlights for this week’s game includes Lacey Kennedy scoring a rapid fire 10 off 12 on her debut, and our opening bowlers, Olivia Totten, and Penny Munday who got us off to a cracking start. Olivia achieved two wickets in the first over of the innings with final stats of 2 for 3 off 2 overs and Penny getting a wicket in her second over with the final stats of 1 for 4 off 2 overs.

This week, the Ospreys take on the Harriers which all the girls are looking forward to trying to take home the win!

Harris Shield Development – Kestrels vs Souths Flame

Report to come.

Stage 1 – Egrets vs BSK Flamingos

Report to come.