New nets and lights are on the way!

Construction of the next stage of the club’s upgrade of our practice nets at GMP has commenced. Stage 2 works will deliver two additional practice nets, and Stage 1A will provide upgraded LED lights covering the entire 8-net facility.

The project will provide much-needed additional capacity to accommodate our growing club. The work also includes the removal of the existing light pole from the runup of net 5, and provide consistent illumination over the full facility. The runups for nets 5 and 6 will be upgraded in conjunction with the construction of new run-ups for the new nets 7 and 8.

In their current condition, nets 5 and 6 have only be partially useable, meaning that we’ve effectively be working with four useable nets at Graceville Memorial Park. The upgrade works will effectively expand the facility to eight fully functional nets.

Additional work will be undertaken to level the runups to nets 1-4 during the off-season in 2021.

Exciting times!