After a delay of many weeks for the BMC grand final the Wests boys stood at Allan Border Field waiting for the rain to stop last Sunday. Play was delayed from 9-12:30pm reducing the game from 40 overs to a fast pace 20/20. We used the time to soak up the grounds history and facilities, in particular, photos of the pavillion and signs around the ground of Wests greats, Mel Bulow, Jodie fields, Kirby Short and Kath Raymont.

Mel Bulow Terraces

1st Innings bowling: Wests bowled first, delivering a nice line and length which stifled the Redlands batsmen. Traditionally we judge a bowling performance on wickets taken. But on Allan Border Fields hard consistent wicket and fast outfield, we judge the bowlers on the lack of runs scored. In this match, the ledger is firmly in favour of Wests bowlers. Redlands batted very well to finish 2-129 off 20 overs. All five bowlers delivered 4 overs each with consistent figures Kie Specogna (0/28), Ollie Hottot (0/26), Sree Bachu (0/27), Schlok Dani (1/31) and stand out Lachlan McCreath (1/16).

2nd Innings: Wests opening batsmen settled in quickly. Jordan Hook’s opening boundary 4 then closely followed with a boundary 6, signalled to the team how true the wicket was and how comfortable the run chase could be. The batting order then delivered. We all enjoyed watching a relaxed fun run chase. Contributions came throughout the batting line up, just like every match during the season. The contributors were Jordan Hook 929), Sree Bachu (33), Schlok Dani (27) and Luke Mayer (21 not out).

Coaches Notes: Aaron and I thoroughly enjoyed helping the boys make their transition towards Senior Cricket. They were happy to be accountable during mid week training, encouraged to think strategically and demonstrated they were prepared to play for each other. These boys thoroughly deserved to win at Allan Border Field.