West Chieftains proved that, if you keep turning up and trying, your hard work will pay off, and pay off it did, with their first win of the season on the weekend.

It was going to be a tough start to the day as they travelled all the way over to Stafford to play UQ Gold. They were a long way from Graceville but as they tapped their bats on the crease and lined up to face the new ball, they all had their hopes up.

They had been here before, they knew they could do it but kept falling short. Despite this, they kept training and turning up each Saturday looking for this first win. And win they did, they beat UQ Gold by 8 wickets.

William Fanshawe top scored with 32 runs off 41 balls with Sam Slatter finishing UQ off by making 15 runs from 24 balls faced.

Will Crossley finished with the best bowling figures of the day by efficiently removing the UQ batting tail with 2 for 2 runs. 

Not to be outdone the captain of the day, Thomas Le Flay caught 3 behind as wicket keeper for the first 15 overs then 1 at mid off when fielding.

Perseverance has resulted in a great first win for the team in what has been a tough season for the Chieftains so far.

Congratulations boys!


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