Holly Walker on the follow through!

Wests girls team got the post-Christmas season off to a great start with three wins from three games in the Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge!

Stage 1 Avocets vs UQ

Report to come!

Report by David Nearhos.

Stage 2/3 Eagles vs UQ Blaze

The year started with a new name and mostly new team members.

Everyone contributed towards our win over UQ,  bowling and batting well.  

Now we can see what we have to work on it will be onwards and upwards with an even stronger performance this week.

Report by Emma Lockwood.

Stage 2/3 Ospreys vs Souths Fire

On Friday the 31st of January, Wests Ospreys took on Souths fire in the first game of the Chelmer Girls Challenge. Both teams fought fiercely, but ultimately Wests Ospreys were able to take home a win. This great start to the season began with Souths fire winning the toss and electing to bowl. Opening the batting for the Wests Ospreys was Takeria Whission (five runs off three balls) and Scarlett Varidel (14 runs of 16 balls).  After Takeria Whission was bowled, Sofia Nearhos came into bat, scoring 20 runs off 21 balls retiring not out. After our top-order batsmans had either been retired or bowled and the run rate began to drop, the Ospreys began to find themselves in serious trouble. Finally, Allegra Nearhos went into bat totalling 18 runs off 21 balls retiring not out and pulled through for the team.

Defending 103 runs in 20 overs was a challenging task, however, was pulled off by accurate and consistent bowling. Takeria Whission opened the bowling with eight runs of 2.2 over and took two incredible wickets, later followed by Georgia Black who bowled two overs for a staggering four runs. Ashley Oates aided in bringing home the win with nine runs off two overs. Allegra Nearhos and Arabella Simpson both depicted excellent fielding by diving, backing up and attacking the ball. Holly Walker and Scarlett Varidel kept for ten overs each. With Scarlett Varidel taking some extraordinary takes and Holly Walker taking two astounding catches behind the wickets, Wests Ospreys had two superb wicket keepers supporting the team. While the whole team demonstrated courage and strength of character, Holly Walker and Arabella Simpson received players of the match for their strength in finding the bravery to attempt something new.  Starting the season with a win has allowed for the growth of confidence from all players, furthering their cricketing skills and experiences.

Merry Christmas 😊

Report by Sofia Nearhos.