Congratulations Kirby Short. Not just on a great career but also an important contribution to the evolution of the game in Qld. A career that coincided with great change.

The challenge for all modern spectator sports is to cut through the ‘disconnect’ supporters can feel from the modern player. The bubble of professionalism and the gloss of modern marketing can conceal the substance of what is actually occurring on the field. 

Kirby Short has lead the HEAT to be a team you want to follow and the WBBL a sport you want to watch. Showcasing skill dedication and passion. Visible to a whole new generation of girls that will grow up understanding how great our game is.

Kirby’s success as HEAT captain went beyond the boundary as the times demanded. Eloquent and thoughtful in media, tenacious in preparation, visible and selfless as a mentor and leader. Kirby Short has risen to the challenge and grasped the opportunities of her time. Kirby has called time on her playing career and left the game better for it.

Well done Kirby, just another reason we are all proud to be part of Wests Cricket.

Read more on the Queensland Cricket Website.



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