This season Wests is excited to announce that we have teamed with Masuri for our on and off field apparel.

The way it works:The online store will be open for ordering from the 4th to the 18th of July which will have items delivered by the end of September. Orders will be delivered to Wests and can be collected at the Graceville Clubhouse at an organised time.

The link will be posted once the store is live.

There will be subsequent windows in August (8th to 22nd) for delivery end of October, September (19th to 10th October) for delivery end of December, and November (21st to 5th December) for delivery end of February next year.

We do still have items of clothing in stock from our previous season which for Juniors will be on sale at the Season sign on/ Grading day in late August, Seniors see Steve at the Graceville Clubhouse.