Winner of the Pizza this week is…Caitlin from Harris Shield.

Our Harris Shield team has been playing wonderful cricket and last Friday had continued its undefeated start to the season with another win. As always, this team showed it’s non reliance on any one payer. And most impressively there genuine support of each others success.

It was a hard choice as always for player of the match, but in true team spirit, the team voted and chose Caitlin with 28 runs not out and 2 overs 0/2.

Olivia’s performance of 44 can not be overlooked either, it may have been because she is so consistent.

Great work to Jenny and Chloe, giving up their spot in our team to support the club in Kirsten Pike Plate. true club spirit shown.

Great work Mia, Ava, Holly, Dee, Stella, Lily and our skipper Tanvi. Let’s hope for. Harris redemption in 2023….