Wests COVID Safety Plan

The cononavirus pandemic has had a major impact on everyday life, and continues to be a threat to public health in many parts of the world. We’re fortunate in Australia to be in a position to resume community sports activities, but this privilege is dependent on all of us doing our part to ensure that coronavirus stays contained.

Wests is committed implementing our COVID Safety Plan for all club activities to enable our members to enjoy playing cricket in a safe environment.

Key COVID Safety Principles

The key principles of our COVID Safety Plan are:

  • Social distancing – maintain 1.5m separation from other people.
  • Hand sanitisation – wash your hands frequently.
  • Stay home if you’re unwell.
  • No sharing of personal equipment (bats excepted if sanitised when transferred between players).

IMPORTANT: These are not the only requirements for COVID safety at Wests – please read our COVID Safety Plan below for full details.

Club COVID Safety Plan

Wests has developed a COVID Safety plan specific to our club’s operations to minimise the risk of COVID-19 being transmitted due to club activities.

The plan has been developed on the basis of the requirements of the Queensland Government, Cricket Australia, Queensland Cricket and the approved Industry COVID Safe Plan for Field Team Sports.

All aspects of the club’s activities are covered by this plan, and it is important that everyone participating in Wests activities understands and complies with this document. Please note that it may be amended if circumstances around the coronavirus pandemic change.

Site Registration

Wests is using the EVA Check-In App to collect details of everyone who attends Wests’ grounds and facilities. It is a Queensland Government requirement that we maintain these records, so it is a mandatory requirement of attendance at Wests sites that everyone check in, including spectators.

Site attendance registers will be used by Wests only for COVID-19 contract tracing purposes in accordance with Queensland Government requirements. All data collected is stored on secure EVA Check-in servers and is deleted after mandatory retention period has expired.

How to check in

Check-in using EVA Check-In is very quick and simple:

  1. Scan the QR code for the applicable Wests site on signs provided at each site.
  2. Enter your contact details into the Queensland Government Check-in App.


Resources (signs, forms etc) for use by Wests’ coaches, managers and officials when setting up COVID-Safe sites for club activities are provided below:

COVID Safety Officer

All enquiries and reporting regarding COVID-19 issue to Wests’ COVID Safety Officer Peter Frew.

Contact details:

Other Resources

Queensland Government’s roadmap to easing restrictions

Cricket Australia COVID-19 Guidelines for Cricket Activity