Wests’ Youth Girls finished off the Paul Pink Shield season with a strong showing for a close defeat to Sandgate-Redcliffe and a big win over University of Queensland in the final round. Unfortunately, with two narrow losses and five wins in the short Paul Pink Shield season, the girls just missed qualifying for the final.

Congratulations on a great campaign, girls. You can be very proud of the great effort you’ve put into the season. With a little bit of luck, it could’ve gone our way, but it wasn’t to be this year…!

Round 6 vs Sandgate-Redcliffe

Round 6 for the Paul Pink Shield was unfortunately lost by the Westie girls although they didn’t go down without a fight.

The toss was won by Sandgate-Redcliffe and they elected to bowl. Naiya Varidel and Layla Proctor put up a 70 run partnership before Layla was dismissed scoring 35 runs off 25 balls. Emma Lockwood hit a quick 10 off 10 balls, but her dismissal triggered a mini collapse before Sofia Nearhos arrived at the crease. Naiya was dismissed in the 17th over for 60 runs off 51 balls. Scarlett Varidel and Sofia finished the innings at 7 for 139 runs with Scarlett putting the final flourish on the total with 5 runs off four balls, including one beautifully swept four.

The bowling innings for Wests was opened by Erin Moran and Holly Walker. Takeira Whisson’s bowling was the stand out as she went for only 8 runs off 2 overs and taking one wicket. Isabel Goffage backed Takeira up with only 16 runs off 2 overs with another wicket, and Scarlett Varidel also captured one wicket.

Sandgate-Redcliffe passed Wests total with seven wickets in hand.

Key Individual Stats:

  • Naiya Varidel 60 (51)
  • Layla Proctor 35 (25)
  • Emma Lockwood 10 (10)
  • Takeira Whisson 1/8 (2)
  • Scarlett Varidel 1/10 (1)
  • Isabel Goffage 1/16 (2)

Round 7 vs University of Queensland

The 7th and final round of the 2019/20 Paul Pink Shield was concluded with a great win from the Westie girls. The toss was won by UQ and they elected to bat. The start of the innings was a tough few overs for the girls as the run rate kicked straight up. Although it was cut off as a run out was taken by Zaara Dancu and Sofia Nearhos. After the great runout the batsman were dropping like flies as Allegra Nearhos took 2 wickets for 15 runs off 3 overs. This great bowling was also lead by Isabel Goffage who took 1 for 12 off 4 overs. Another wicket was taken by Emma Lockward. UQ ended their innings with 105 runs. 

The second innings was opened by Naiya Varidel and Layla Proctor who put the team off to a great start before Layla was bowled out for 18 off of 12 balls and then in came Isabel Goffage. The batting innings was a tough one for the West girls as the pitch was very unpredictable. Although Izzy and Naiya both pushed on and past UQ’s total, and posting a nine-wicket victory for Wests. 

Key Individual Stats:

  • Naiya Varidel 50no (46)
  • Isabel Goffage 23no (30) & 1/12 (4)
  • Layla Proctor 18 (12)
  • Allegra Nearhos 2/15 (3)
  • Emma Lockwood 1/13(4)


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