Yes, it’s deju-va all over again! Blaster Cricket is rolling back into town at Wests this October!

Junior Blaster and Master Blaster are a fantastic way for kids to get into cricket in a fun, safe environment.

Who can play Cricket Blast?

You don’t need to be a gun cricketer to play Cricket Blast. The format is designed for young players who are either just starting out with cricket, or who are not ready to play junior cricket fixtures.

Boys and girls up to about 5-10 years of age can play.

When and Where?

Wests’ Cricket Blast program is run at Graceville Memorial Park starting on Friday October 9, 2020!

How to I register?

Register now on the PlayCricket website.
You can sign up for just the 9-week pre-Christmas season, or for the full 16-week pre and post-Christmas season.

More info needed?

Read about Blaster Cricket at Wests on our website.