Last Friday, the Westie girls had their last regular round in the Kirby Short Cup season. Even with their finals place already secured the girls still had their eyes set on the win. Winning the toss, they elected to bowl.  

Opening the bowling was Eloise Schabe and Emma Lockwood who set the dogs off to a good start. With the Valley run rate slowly getting away from the Dogs, in came leggy, Naiya Varidel, and Sophie Martin. The straight spells from the two were backed up by Deepika Bogahawatta, Tanvi Aiyar and Ashley Oates, keeping Valleys to 76.  

The second innings commenced with Scarlett Varidel and Olivia Totten facing the opening attack. Unfortunately, the partnership was broken when Olivia was dismissed. However, following Liv was Sophie Martin who finished not out along with Tanvi Aiyar, taking the Westies over the finish line. 

With their eight wins and one loss (plus two wash-outs), the Hawks finished on top of the table, giving them direct passage to the final in two weeks time where they will face either the UQ Flames or Valley Blue team to contest the Kirby Short Cup!

Key individual stats:

  • Sophie Martin 25* (28) & 2/11 (4)
  • Scarlett Varidel 15 (26)
  • Olivia Totten 11 (10)
  • Tanvi Aiyar 3/7 (3)
  • Deepika Bogahawatta 1/7 (3)
  • Ashleigh Oates 1/11 (2)