Saturday, the 15th of May 2021 will go down as one of Western Suburbs District Cricket Club’s greatest days celebrating 100 years of this great club.  A large marquee stretched out across the elegant Graceville Oval facing the historic grandstand set the picture for the event of events. The red carpet drew over 260 guests through the Denise Gray Gates to a spectacular picture of tables and Club history memorabilia where guests dined and were entertained with some great stories spanning the history of the Mighty Bulldogs.  Congratulations to all involved in planning and delivery of this wonderful milestone in our Clubs history.

It was also a wonderful way for Club President, Greg Rowell to conclude his presidency with a memorable and exceptionally inspirational speech which showed that the man is a 100% passionate bulldog. I take this opportunity on behalf of members to thank Greg for his wonderful leadership which has positioned this Club as one of the leading Premier Grade Clubs in Queensland. Greg has set this Club on an exciting direction with his vision to transform our club infrastructure through several years of significant planning and tirelessly seeking funding sources.  He has oversighted the redevelopment of our Graceville No 1 oval, installed the iconic picket fence, the Graceville Nets refurbishment and the current Graceville Memorial Park lights upgrade.  He also had the foresight to pursue and secure the Chelmer Sports Grounds which, with his vision, transformed into a peak night cricket venue and then set the agenda for the $2.5M redevelopment of this wonderful oval.

Greg also was a President who heard the call to arms when we were down troops and filled in several times for second grade and third grade bringing a mature voice to our teams and to help development of our players.  Talk about hands on. Of course, he put most players to shame by still being able to produce that devastating spell, throw a ball like a rocket and delivering a couple of decent lower order innings. Not to be underestimated, Greg’s work with Qld Cricket ensured our Club always had a strong voice in Qld Cricket.  He presided over several premierships and more than anything developed a positive culture within the club which prevails today.   Greg moves on now to the Australian Cricket Board with a passion to represent Club level and see greater assistance being delivered for Clubs.  On behalf of all members, we thank you Greg.  It was great to see you finish your presidency on such a high note. I look forward to delivering on your legacy and continuing your vision.

So I have officially taken over as President of our Club.  I am honoured to be taking up this role and whilst it is only May, we are hard at work in preparation of next season.  We will be keeping our members up to date on key issues, developments, dates and requirements in preparation for next season. The 2021/2 season promises to be a great year and of course why wouldn’t it be given it is our 100 year celebration.

Peter Frew


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