With our return to cricket in 2022 and the ever-growing COVID issues, the Club has issued the following requirements for Club members, patrons and volunteers.

Player, Member and Volunteer Responsibilities

1. Attendance at training and club grounds

  • Please do not come to club events including training and games if you are waiting on a test result. Please do not come to training if you are experiencing any cold/flu symptoms. You may be asked to leave if you do come to training.
    Please make sure if you have either been diagnosed with COVID or have been deemed a close contact that you get the correct negative test result.
  • Please contact Luke Donaldson directly if you are concerned, have tested positive or have been ordered to isolate at any time and may not be able to play/train.
  • Please follow the guidelines below regarding the requirements for COVID testing:

2. Training Sessions

  • On arrival, sign using QR Code or manually.
  • Train in groups as directed.
  • Use common sense with distancing eg. do not congregate in large groups when not necessary
  • Everyone to have their own drink bottle and are responsible for cleanliness for their own bottle/container.
  • Before training commences, players should wash their hands and apply hand sanitiser after arrival at the ground.
  • Leave the ground when training finishes.

2. Game Day

Ground Preparation

  • On Game Day WSDCC will identify a COVID Official (Graceville – Canteen Manager or Captain, Chelmer – Canteen Manager or Captain, Dunlop Captain/Parent, All Junior Grounds – Parents) will be appointed at each ground to manage any potential COVID issues.
  • Where possible parts of the ground should be cordoned off to restrict access for players and officials only.
  • Allocate seating areas for players, officials and guests.

Arrival at Ground

  • On arrival, sign using QR Code or manually.
  • Everyone to have their own drink bottle labelled with name (each player/official to be responsible for cleanliness for their own bottle/container).

Dressing Rooms

  • Avoid team gatherings in dressing rooms – conduct outdoors.
  • At all times observe the four square metre rule – signs will be placed at the entry of each dressing room with the maximum number displayed.
  • Individual kit bags– maintain social distance.


  • Before play commences and resumption of play, players should wash their hands and apply hand sanitiser after arrival at the ground and before taking the field for warm up training; Repeat before taking the field after a break e.g. lunch / afternoon tea.

Drinks Breaks

  • Each team to ensure individual drink bottles are filled before play starts.
  • Each team should appoint a person to manage drinks and ensure players place their drink containers in a carrier.
  • Only allocated team official/or team player is to deliver drink bottles to players on the field and return
  • Ensure each player handles their drink bottle/container and returns it to the carrier.
  • Host Club member can deliver Umpire bottles and return from the field.

Canteen Operations

  • All Canteen staff must wear gloves and face mask.
  • Where possible all food items should be sealed appropriately to sell.
  • Food must be prepared in line with appropriate hygiene procedures
  • Tea and Coffee to be sold in disposable cups only.

Off the Field

  • Maintain social distancing.
  • No forming huddles either off or on the ground (after play).
  • Leave the ground as soon as possible after the game.

On the Field

  • As per ICC guidelines, no saliva is to be applied to balls.
  • No physical contact between players, including celebratory acts.

At this stage all competition arrangements are as planned but the Club and Queensland Cricket will keep players and supporters informed if there is any further information to share. Queensland Cricket have released guidelines for Premier Cricket consistent with the above. You can follow the link for further information. https://www.qldcricket.com.au/covid-19-return-to-play

Stay Safe and Healthy.

Peter Frew
President WSDCC