There was mayhem and cricketing glory on full display in equal measure last night as about six million Blaster cricketeers amped up the energy at Graceville Memorial Park.

Over 120 Junior Blaster and Master Blaster girls and boys gave Wests coaches a working over on their first outing for the pre-Christmas 2019-20 season.

Junior Blasters worked on their fundamental cricket skills while Master Blasters warmed up with some drills and technical work before diving into a match on the Graceville 1 outfield.

Numbers in our entry level cricket programs are up 50% on previous seasons, in large part due to strong promotional work during the off-season. This increase and a lot of happy kids and parents is a great result and augurs well for junior cricket at Wests.

Registrations for Blaster Cricket at Wests are still open if anyone wants to join the party!


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