UPDATE 6 August 2020: All Stage 1 players are encouraged to attend grading, but Stages 2 and 3 players only need to attend grading if they are new to Wests or they are wanting to re-grade from last season.

Wests junior cricketer’s pre-season launches on Sunday August 23 and Sunday September 6 with grading sessions to be held for players playing in the Metropolitan South Wests (MSW) competition for the 2020-21 season. 

Full details about Wests grading sessions have been posted on our Junior Sign-On/Grading page.

With MSW having moved to the stage-based system for it competitions last season (rather than the previous age-based system), Wests grading sessions are now based on the Stage- system. If you’re not sure which session to attend, please contact your Wests Junior Stage Co-ordinator.  

If you’re new to the Cricket Australia’s stage-based system adopted by MSW and want to find out more about it, details can be found here

Starting dates have not yet been confirmed by MSW for the junior cricket season, but at this stage we are expecting that the first round will be played at the end of the first week of Term 4 – ie: Friday October 9, 2020 for the MSW Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge and Saturday October 10, 2020 for MSW Junior cricket competition and Sunday October 11 for MSW Cup.


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