Wests new online calendar system.

We’ve upgraded to a new online calendar system!

The new TeamUp system (not to be confused with Team App!) tracks current bookings for all Wests facilities. It replaces the spreadsheet/PDF system previously used for team and squad training and another calendar system used to track bookings only for the club’s primary grounds.

Training information for senior squads has already been entered into the calendar and pre-season grade trail games are being added as they are locked in. Junior training information will be added after registrations close and our teams have been finalised at the end of September.

User can filter the calendar view by facility (eg: “Dunlop Park Nets”), Squad (eg: “Mens Squad”) or search by keywords (eg: “MSW Shield Bulldogs”), making it easy to find the events most relevant to you!

The new calendar is accessible through the Member’s menu area our website. Even simpler – just click the “Calendar” link in the top menu on our webpage (only visible on computer or tablet devices).


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