On Sunday the 27th of September, the Wests women took on the challenge of the second grade UQ team.

There were many great performances from the Westies in with both bat and ball. The bowling was conquered by the Wests team and a wicket (yes – one!) was taken! Emma Lockwood and Eliza Goffage both hit outstanding boundaries. Isabel Goffage charged in for another over with intent to take another wicket, balls were bowled outside off as the fielders were ready for the catches.

There was a near run out by Bec McCoombes from the slips but the batsman was just too speedy. The lolly bag was nearly opened but the nerves were too strong, holding the westies back from the sweet temptation! As the first game of the season for the wests women 2nd grade side, precautions were taken in both the batting and the bowling.

Although UQ took home the win, the Westies went all in and showed promise for the upcoming season!

Better luck next week girls.


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